Nick Lachey is clueless, maybe

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Last we left Vanessa Minnillo, she was hanging around Nick Lachey looking 20-years-older than she was supposed to. That was earlier this year. Fast forward to the present. Nick Lachey is nowhere to be found and Vanessa is sharing private cabanas with 90210 actor Matt Lanter.

She sat on Matt’s lap and really close to him for two hours at the party. He looks like a younger version of Nick.” A rep for Minnillo said her client knows her “Disaster Movie” co-star because “they made a film together.”

You sit on one guy’s lap in a private cabana and all of a sudden you’re doing it. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe Vanessa saw a huge spider and fearing for her safety, jumped onto Matt’s lap. Then their tongues accidentally went into each others mouths. Happens all the time.

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