Salma Hayek’s MobileMe email hacked

A, I assume, masked stranger from 4chan hacked Salma Hayek’s MobileMe [email protected] account and posted screenshots of all her emails. Well, some of her emails. Turns out, America Ferrara is throwing a 25th birthday party, Salma buys iPhone apps, AMEX has given her a new gold card, she’s thinking about booking a spa appointment and she’s incredibly boring. Where are all the swinger party e-vites I sent her?!

The “hackers” are said to have guessed her birthday (Sep 2) and most famous movie role (Frida) in order to reset her password. Now her phone number is out in the wild. Damn. I guess I won’t be the only one leaving voicemails of myself breathing heavily for two minutes then hanging up. How am I supposed to seduce her now?

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