Salma Hayek Thinks Acupuncture Works, But At Least She’s Naked

I have some bad news for you: acupuncture is bullshit. It does nothing except stick a bunch of needles in your skin, and is favored by the sort of people who avoid the one type of needle they should be getting, a vaccine jab.

Now Salma Hayek isn’t one of those crazy anti-vaxxers, but she does seem to be into acupuncture.

Yes, acupuncture is crazy, stupid and potentially harmful, but look how naked she is while doing it. Can’t complain about that.

We’ve all sort of learned to deal with this kind of thing if we date women, it goes with the territory. Like when my girlfriend tells me that I’m “such a Gemini” I roll my eyes a little, but then I tell myself “well, at least it’s astrology and not Jesus.”

Also, how does Salma Hayek still look this good? Maybe acupuncture does work.

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Jason S. Nochimson
Jason S. Nochimson
2 years ago

You are an idiot

Caitlin Gordon
Caitlin Gordon
2 years ago

Acupuncture is “crazy, stupid, and potentially harmful” as compared to what? Psych meds? Botox? Sleeping pills? Working 60 hour weeks? Texting and driving?

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