Salma Hayek Still Looks Amazing at 51

There are a few great mysteries in life we may never have answers to. Why are we here? How do the Patriots keep getting away with so much cheating when everyone knows how dirty they are? What is Bigfoot really like in bed? And how does Salma Hayek still look so good?

Salma Hayek is 51 and she just posted some incredibly sexy bikini pictures to Instagram. For reference, Rue McClanahan was 51 when The Golden Girls started, and the only person who ever jacked off to The Golden Girls is Emmanuel Macron.

Seriously, that’s what Salma Hayek looks like at 51 years old with no make-up. That’s insane. I don’t know how you see that and don’t think she’s bathing in the blood of virgins to stay young.

I honestly don’t understand how gravity hasn’t gotten ahold of Salma yet and lowered everything like, 6 inches from where it is.

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