Angelina Jolie down

While filming Salt in Long Island, Angelina Jolie hit her head on something and received a nick in between her eyes. Blood was drawn and of course she was rushed to the hospital. I’m surprised they didn’t MedEvac her out. Her manager says she’s fine. The statement from the production company reads:

“This morning while filming an action sequence… Angelina Jolie sustained a minor injury. As a precautionary measure, Ms. Jolie will be taken to the hospital and examined. Production on the film has resumed.”

Celebrities are babies. I bet they’re going to put a band-aid on it, give her a lollipop and send her home. If this happened to a member of the film crew, they would have been told to hold out until lunch. Their leg could be severed below the knee and bleeding out and the most they would get is one hour to drive themselves to the hospital and back.

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14 years ago

Unfortunately it’s in the clause when you sign on for a movie deal. I was an extra, and even we have to be rushed right away to the hospital if something stupid happens to us, because the movie idiots (producers ect) don’t want to get sued if they ignore an injury that is small and turns out to be something big later.

even if you tell them Im fine I don’t need to go to the hospital, they insist because of the contract and you are kinda forced to go.

14 years ago

yup they are really sensitive but in a way I know why one of the reasons is that they are popular their face is their money making machine that’s why they take extra care of it.

14 years ago

Is it just me or is Angie getting freakishly thin and strange looking? She used to be hotter during her Tomb Raider days when she had some muscle on her. Now she looks skinny like a meth addict–check that–heroin addict. And her hair is stringy gross. I bet she and Brad consume large quantities of drugs together.