Angelina Jolie down

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While filming Salt in Long Island, Angelina Jolie hit her head on something and received a nick in between her eyes. Blood was drawn and of course she was rushed to the hospital. I’m surprised they didn’t MedEvac her out. Her manager says she’s fine. The statement from the production company reads:

“This morning while filming an action sequence… Angelina Jolie sustained a minor injury. As a precautionary measure, Ms. Jolie will be taken to the hospital and examined. Production on the film has resumed.”

Celebrities are babies. I bet they’re going to put a band-aid on it, give her a lollipop and send her home. If this happened to a member of the film crew, they would have been told to hold out until lunch. Their leg could be severed below the knee and bleeding out and the most they would get is one hour to drive themselves to the hospital and back.

  • cee

    I think she is amazing. Someone will catch her eye as the kids get older and are able to send more time with their father.

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