Hayden Panettiere is in a bikini too

Hayden Panettiere is in Cannes right now because that’s where all the celebrities go this time of year. You may not know this, but I admire celebrities and their willingness to do jobs that no one else wants to do. Jobs such as reading words off a piece of paper and lounging around on yachts in France. Many say teachers are our real heroes. No my friends. That distinction goes to actors and actresses who risk their lives on a daily basis fending off heat stroke and muscle atrophy. That is to say, why aren’t they celebrated even more?

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12 years ago

Yeah, what a tough life. Everybodys favorite noveau primadonna had better enjoy it while she can. Once Heroes is kaput, it’ll be back to horror flicks and troubled 20-somethings. Remeber Elizabeth Daly ? Yeah, no one else does either, munchkin.

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