Thank God

Katherine Heigl has become an unbearable thorn in everyone’s side. Ever since she found fame playing Izzie in Grey’s Anatomy and that whiny bitch in Knocked Up, her ego has almost reached Kanye West proportions.

For example, last year Heigl withdrew herself from Emmy consideration because she felt the material for Grey’s was “lacking”, basically giving the finger to the writers. Heigl has also made it clear that she wants off the show to start a film career.

In response, show creator Shonda Rhimes gave her cancer. On last night’s finale, Izzie had to have brain surgery for said cancer and signed a DNR order. The bad news is she survived the surgery with a little bit of amnesia. The good news is that right when her amnesia went away, she died in her husband’s arms. Of course, we don’t know if she’s really dead until next season, but it’s satisfying to know the option is there. Sort of like a gun. You know you’ll probably never use it, but it’s nice to know it’s there for when you bring a girl home.

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14 years ago

the female david caruso. she’ll be back on tv in 5-10 years. maybe then she’ll be grateful.