Gisele Bundchen is pregnant

Oh, another Gisele Bundchen is pregnant rumor. Sources tell PEOPLE that Gisele is “ecstatic” about her pregnancy. She’s supposedly due next year. The rumors this time might be true, however. Gisele was in Brazil over the weekend with a baby bump. That or she came from an amazing buffet.

“Gisele will be an excellent mother,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s always wanted kids.” Reps for Bündchen reached by PEOPLE for confirmation refused to comment.

This is probably the tenth time Gisele Bundchen is rumored to be pregnant so I’m not going to believe this until that baby slithers out of her womb genetically perfect. You’ll know she’ll have given birth because harps will start playing and angels will sing. By the time the kid turns 10, they’ll either already be throwing 60 yard touchdown passes or walking the runway in eight inch heels like a pro.

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14 years ago

congrats! :D