Please keep this to yourself

Fergie talked to Allure about gaining weight for her role in Nine and then losing it with her husband Josh Duhamel’s trainer. She also said something about what she does in the bedroom to spice up their sex life. Oh, hey, look at that. I just blew chunky vomit all over my screen.

In addition to her revived Fergalicious figure, she’s also a newlywed that says nothing has changed in the bedroom since the wedding. Fergie tells Allure she incorporates her collection of costumes into her love life with her sexy spouse. “I’ve got a big chest of fun little numbers, ones that I would never wear in public,” she tells the publication. “I like to have fun with my costume onstage; why wouldn’t I in the bedroom?”

One of Josh Duhamel’s favorite costumes is the one where Fergie dresses up like a nurse, tucks her penis between her legs and pretends to be a girl.

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14 years ago

OMG… This woman is repulsive. I don’t know what it is about her face that makes me want to go blind. She’s UGLY… Yes she has a nice body and all but whatever plastic surgery she had done to her face, she’s disgusting. When she smiles, her face looks like it’s in pain. Her teeth are all fake, you can tell. Her hair-line that starts in the middle of her fore-head, to her eyebrows that are right up there with her scalp, everything about her… GROSS.

14 years ago

she was addicted to Meth when she was a teen. the drug f*cked up her face horribly. look her up in her younger years. she used to be pretty. even when she first started out with the black eyed peas. gorgeous. I don’t know what she did to her face since then. should’ve left it alone in 2003-2004.