Mark Wahlberg was gasping for air

Mark Wahlberg was rushed to a hospital Friday morning after breathing in too much smoke while filming The Fighter on Thursday night. A smoke machine being used for atmosphere was running while Mark “acted” and apparently he got a little overzealous with his inhaling. The director must have told him to act angry. He was released shortly thereafter and was back to work the same day.

“When he woke up Friday morning he was gasping for breath so he was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was put on a breathing device that helped clear his lungs.”

It really took until Friday morning to feel the effects from Thursday night? Maybe Mark decided to wake-and-bake and took too big of a hit. That’s entirely possible. It’s also entirely possible that Mark Wahlberg is a big pussy. Take your pick.

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14 years ago

Did he attack any Asian patients while he was in there?

14 years ago

The man cannot act without hyperventilating. If you want evidence, watch “Planet of the Apes”. In nigh on every take, he is seriously out of breath. So incredibly distracting.