Rumer Willis believes she is talented


Rumer Willis and her chin recently shared that her parents had nothing to do with her being involved with instant movie classics such as House Bunny and the soon to be released Sorority Row. She reveals to Bang Showbiz,

“You can’t do anything about who your parents are. I think everyone has opportunities and everyone has doors that are open to them in different ways.

“If you’re talented you’ll get work. If you suck then you won’t. In the end, talent is all that matters because you could go and get an audition, but if you go in there and you suck you’re not going to get a job.”

She’s got it all wrong. You can suck and easily get a job (eg. Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Jenna Jameson). Wait. I think we’re talking about different types of suck.

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