Thank you, Heidi Klum

Enjoying the view, perverts?

Heidi Klum vows to never have babies again. Heidi, 36 and expecting her fourth child in October, says “we’re outnumbered. Four is perfect. Three is a lot. But four? It’s a lot of work. We’re hands-on and we feel like this is what we can handle.”

I appreciate the effort, but it’s a little too late. This having a baby stuff started becoming a yearly thing and those little monsters wrecked havoc on her body. She bounced back quick but you can still see a little of the aftereffects. I’m not going to lie to you. Those little things were getting in the way of my girl-on-girl fantasies. And you don’t mess with a man’s girl on girl fantasies. Couldn’t she have told those fetuses that her body isn’t their personal playground? Kids have no respect these days.

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