Mischa Barton is having fun

Since Mischa Barton had her forehead stamped with “crazy” a while ago and thrown in the psyche ward, you’d think she’d cool it with the partying. Not so. After all, it was her botched wisdom teeth surgery that led to her breakdown. Now that her teeth have all healed up, it’s time to partay. Which is what she did at the G-star after-party at the Bowery Hotel. At the check-in table, Mischa was overheard slurring and insisting she was with the deejay.

“She kept saying, in a really spacey, weird British accent, ‘Like, I’m with the deejay. I totally know the deejay. I’m here for the deejay,’ ” laughs our spy. “She was slurring her words.” After being let in, we’re told that Barton “needed to be escorted to the deejay booth” where she proceeded to “stand for about an hour, dancing in her own world. I don’t think her eyes were open to full capacity — or even half capacity — the whole time she was there.”

Maybe her eyes weren’t open because she was trying to be like one of those ninjas in training. Like how the ninja’s sensei blindfolds them and swings a sword at their head and they catch it in between their palms. In this case, Mischa’s sensei was Lindsay Lohan and her final test was to seduce a guy, go back to his place and put a condom on him using only her sixth sense.

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