Tara Reid and Kelly Bensimon battling for relevancy

Last week Tara Reid stripped down for the December issue of Playboy. It seemed Tara was on her way to making a big comeback in the form of D-list nudity. But, wait. Not so fast. Kelly Bensimon of Real Housewives of New York is also in the December issue, also known as the Celebrity issue, and there’s speculation that the two might have to fight for the cover. Possibly in Jell-O. On a Jumbotron. This sucks for Tara Reid because she may have had her heart set on it.

The 33-year-old got a very bad lipo job five years ago, and has since suffered with body image issues.

“She is really shy about getting the Playboy gig,” said a pal. “She’s scared to talk about it because of what people and the press might say. But she’s doing so well, she looks amazing.”

Yikes. This is just the thing she needs to drag her further into a pit of despair and insecurity with the only solution being more botched plastic surgery. If she doesn’t make the cover of Playboy, expect her to look like a cross between the cat lady and Kate Gosselin by next year.

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