Valerie Bertinelli predicts Kirstie Alley’s death

In the November issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Valerie Bertinelli discusses her weight, her friendship with Eddie Van Halen, her soon to be released workout DVD, and the pending death of Kirstie Alley.

On her weight: “”The weight is off for good,” Bertinelli declares, shutting the closet behind her. “My stick-to-it number is 132 pounds. But if I hit 130 on the scale, it’s time to lay off the mozzarella and get my butt out for a serious run.”

On Eddie Van Halen: “There’s now less of a strain between Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen. She has made peace with their turbulent relationship and considers the musician a good friend. “Tom and I even sat in the front row at Ed’s wedding last summer,” she says.”

On her workout DVD: “If my life’s work is being an inspiration to people, then hell, I’ll sign up for more of that.”

On Kirstie Alley: “Asked what she has learned by watching the former Jenny Craig spokesperson Kirstie Alley gain back her weight, Bertinelli says, ‘I understand it. What woman doesn’t? I told her to come workout with me. You need support. Otherwise it’s ‘I’ll start tomorrow, then tomorrow,’ and tomorrow never comes.”

You hear that Kirstie? Your tomorrow is never going to come because you’re going to die while shoving a BBQ meatball slushie down your throat. Valerie said it, not me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • YourMom

    WOW- nice Journalism there buddy. Where did you get your degree K-mart?
    I highly doubt putting words in peoples mouths, switching the meanings and then denying any of it constitutes as ethical journalism. Well, at least you stick to what you know -smutty celebrity gossip.

  • kobe

    That’s not what she said, you twit!

  • tropicalmom

    My thoughts exactly! You have such a way with twisting words and meanings Ms. Cook.

  • oldpart

    … hey, ‘yourmom’ … why you insulting K-Mart?

  • Patti

    What a poorly written piece by a person with a vicious temperment. I bet you were the kid in school who told on everybody else!

  • Hah

    Wow. Reading this was a total waste of my time. The author should re-title this article, “How I read way too much into Valerie Bertinelli’s comment, catastrophized it, and then wrote about it under a grossly misleading title.”

    That would have at least been more accurate, anyway.

  • SamBlob

    Dear Ms. Cook:

    There is nothing in Ms. Bertinelli’s statement predicting Ms. Alley’s death. What she says quite clearly is that, without support, Ms. Alley will put it off until it never happens. How on Earth could you possibly believe that to be a prediction of her death?

    Might I suggest a course in reading comprehension? That might help, but only if the problem is only ignorance and not stupidity.

  • Kelly

    Um..that wasnt what Valerie said at all. She said that the start date of the diet never comes. Reading comprehension 101. This is quite possibly the worst and stupidest article ever.

  • GinaD

    All I got to say is…Valerie should know better. What fat woman wants to be seen working out with a skinny woman? That’s like third degree public humiliation. I understand her heart is in the right place, but there are other factors she’s not taking into account. In order for there to be a change possible with Kirstie, she has to feel relaxed and motivated to begin, not pressured and scared.

    And author of this piece…lady, lay off the pipe. crack is whack!

  • jt

    The A-Hole who wrote this should be banned from

    AOL for life!!! Total Jackass.

  • Joan Borowski

    Journalism 101 and elementary comprehension refresher courses needed here. Try as I might, there was not even a minute intimation that Valerie Bertinelli was implying and certainly not stating Kirstie Alley’s certain demise in her comments. Who wrote the teaser headline that sounded as if they were quoting a statement of hers!! Where are the editors of this material??? Shameful.

  • Veronica

    It is so sad when a journalist has to result to outright lies in order to get an article published.

    Valerie never said Kirstie was going to die…you did!!

    Geez this is why a lot of celebs don’t like the media and refuse interviews.

    How does tomorrow never comes..equate to your misleading headline. Okay so you grab some readers in out of curiosity, but once they see how the interview was twisted.

    Your reporting is seriously compromised.

    Enuff said!

  • Kathy

    Kirstie, like most adult overeaters has issues she needs to deal with, which will then help her to maintain weight loss. I too struggle with losing weight and gaining it badck and then losing it again. I know I have issues from my childhood that still haunt me and I don’t know how to make them all go away and stay away. Kirstie needs to come to this conclusion on her own and then deal with the issues. In the meantime, maybe the journalists, who can’t leave people along, should keep their mouths quiet and then pens locked up.

  • Kathy

    Kirstie, like most adult overeaters has issues she needs to deal with, which will then help her to maintain weight loss. I feel bad for Kirstie now because I too have issues. Kirstie needs to come to this conclusion on her own and then deal with the issues in her time. In the meantime, maybe the journalists, should keep their mouths quiet and then pens locked up.

  • Raejean

    Well, you did succeed in getting me to read the article twice, just in case I missed the part where Bertinelli allegedly says Ally is going to die. Nothing else about it merits the second glimpse.

    I see it’s comprised mostly of excerpts from the Ladies’ Home Journal article with a couple of sophomoric kickers at the end. Kind of like sending Mahatma Gandhi a picture of a mouth-watering meal with “Bon appetit, fattie!” as an inscription.

    I never shoot messengers myself, but unprofessional writers should be fair game, with bonuses for slow, tortuous, articulate kills. Except that I’d be accused of fighting an unarmed woman in a battle of wits.

  • Stephanie V.

    I’m sorry…am I missing something? Why is everyone taking this article so seriously? Is it because everyone who got offended is fat?

    I’m sure the author was able to discern that Valerie Bertinelli never said Kirstie was going to die. The headline was misleading, but it did the job – GOT YOU TO READ THE ARTICLE. This is a gossip site, not the NY Times – so I’m not exactly sure how “ethical journalism” comes in to play, but whatever. And you can’t get degrees from K-Mart! Silly people…

    • JayDee

      Sure this is a gossip page but to misquote and slander someone is okay because why? Sheesh, have some sympathy for our fellow human beings who struggle with weight issues. Sigh…….

  • McSame2008

    Kirstie looks like she has been riden hard.

  • Linda Lee

    Jessica Cook- Shame on you! That’s not what Valerie said and ur such a lame writer u had to make up crap to get people to read ur garbage. Kudos to you! U get the LAME WRITER award! whoo hoo!

  • MamaMia

    AOL’s home page always has misleading, outlandish headlines designed to make you look at stupid articles, that are either grossly stupis, false, or about someone you never heard of (deemed as “famed” in the headline). But this one goes over the line. To say that someone predicted another woman’s death is just evil. If it was true, you would have included it in your quotes. And I seriously doubt someone like Valerie Bertinelli would say that, even if she thought it priately, and especially to someone like you! SHAME!

  • Tulsa Sue

    I think the author was going for tongue-in-cheek humor, as after you read her admission, it’s obvious that she’s not actually claiming it as truth. It was an eye-roll moment, for sure… but did any of you really think that Valerie said that, when clicking on that link? C’mon. The author is like your dorky little sister who tricks you into saying something stupid and then laughs.

    And if I may add, Kirstie Alley is gorgeous, regardless… and she’s not even that big. Most American women do not wear single-digit sizes. The tabloids, et al really need to stop comparing Kirstie’s size to that of the standard little salad-barfing, size 1 Hollytards. And… I’d love to know the story behind that finger. Bet it was to some smarmy little paparazzi guy who richly deserved it. ;o)

  • jz

    To the writer of this piece… You are a blemish to journalism. That said, I’m sure you don’t care. You’re probably happy because you’re getting so many hits… You’re scum. AOL sucks.

  • jz

    So I get a message that my other comment is awaiting moderation. Interesting, as their was no bad language used. I did comment that the writer is a low-life (other word for it found in dirty ponds), and I stated that AOL is in the same boat… as they obviously condone Rag Mag tactics of lying and misleading. I wish Valerie would bring charges against them for the tital of the article. And Kirstie is no doubt thrilled too.

  • Marcus

    What a load of crap. Hopefully you’ll soon be on the unemployment line. Shameful. A complete lie.

  • Terri

    Geeze! I hear there is an opening at the Huffington Post….would be perfect for you.

  • Debi

    I totally understand what Valerie is saying. I have watched my sister stuggle with her weight for years. She can no longer walk or take care of herself. She is raising her grandson too. So I now have the job of caring for her and her grandson every day because I live in the apt. above her. She will die soon because she has too much water around her heart. I have a life I have to give up to care for her and her grandson. Cleaning laundry, shopping, Dr.’s, etc. My older sister iss 55 years old and will not survive the winter. Please Kirsty, do iti for yourself and the people that love you.

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