Kristen Johnston Wants You to Stop Harassing Her, Go Harass Kirstie Allie Instead

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Kirstie Alley pissed a lot of people off by endorsing Donald Trump for president. A while back, a group of internet trolls discovered that they could be as vile as they wanted to anyone as long as they harassed the right people, and Kirstie Allie is currently the right person. Even celebrities got in on it.

Everyone used to really talk s**t about Shelley Long after she quit Cheers to be a movie star, her career never really recovered from it. Apatow couldn’t even spell her name correctly, you think he really thinks that highly of her?

I actually sent a similar tweet to Kirk Acevedo when he was attacking Bernie Sanders, telling him his take was as bad as his acting on Arrow, and Acevedo seemed genuinely hurt by it so I apologized and he continued to be a dick about it so f**k that guy. Notably, I didn’t say I didn’t mean what I said, just that it was harsh because let’s face it, he didn’t exactly turn around the show’s decline and I think he picked up on that.

Anyway, all the harassment of Alley has lead to what the people doing the harassing might call a negative side effect: Kristen Johnston, who is not Kirstie Alley in any way, has also been being harassed for being Kirstie Alley.

Johnston is notably a Biden supporter, which, I mean, six of one, I sent in my ballot already and I didn’t vote for either of them. I honestly don’t see why people are getting so worked up about this, Biden and Trump are both terrible.

And there’s really no reason to harass either of these actresses over their politics, hasn’t life been hard enough on them? They each had one good role and then spent the rest of their careers doing some truly terrible shows like Veronica’s Closet and Mom. That’s punishment enough for anyone.

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