Ted Danson Has a Huge Dong

GQ released their Oral History of Cheers a day or so ago to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show where cast members like Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson and Kirstie Alley all talked about what it was like working together.

They described the show and even talked about the antics that went on outside of it like the time Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson played hooky and took shrooms

I’ll tell you about the worst day of my life. Shelley [Long] and Rhea [Perlman] were carrying that week’s episode, and the guys were just, ‘Let’s play hooky.’ We’d never done anything wrong before. John had a boat, so we met at Marina del Rey at 8 A.M. We all called in sick, and jimmy caught on and was so pissed. Woody and I were already stoned, and Woody said, ‘You want to try some mushrooms?’ I’d never had them, so I’m handed this bag and I took a fistful. On our way to Catalina, we hit the tail end of a hurricane, and even people who were sober were getting sick. Woody and I thought we were going to die for three hours. I sat next to George, and every sixty seconds or so he’d poke me and go, ‘Breathe.’ [gasp] And I’d come back to life.

Then there’s the game they used to play called “bust in while someone is taking a shower and take pictures of them naked.” This led to the reveal that Ted Danson has a huge wiener

There were bathrooms where you’d take showers before the show. So the big game became getting the door open, so that you could take pictures of nude people. I have the greatest picture of Ted. That was a big caper: There was one person [opening] the door with a butter knife and another person kicking the door in so I could get a photo. He’s decapitated, but totally nude. And he’s really well-endowed.

Is that how the prank works? Here I was breaking into women’s bathrooms and then stripping naked. You mean only ONE of us is supposed to be naked? Well, what’s the fun in that?

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11 years ago

A former coach at Penn State also played this game.

Guess what Woody Harrelson, if you’re a grown man trying to take pictures of human male genitals — you’re gay.

11 years ago

Shelley Long has an elephant cunt, so they were a perfect match.