Woody Harrelson is the Opposite of Ellen DeGeneres as Social Media Users Share How Nice He Was

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Ellen DeGeneres has become one of the most hated people in Hollywood because it came out that all she does is go to sports games with war criminals and that she treats everyone who’s less famous than her like garbage. Her reputation is wrecked to the point that even when she threw her hands up and said “fine, I’ll be less terrible,” the general response was “no.”

It turns out that the anti-Ellen DeGeneres is Woody Harrelson. After some people misidentified a guy who made a racist video as Woody, a thread started much like the one that crushed Ellen’s soul but filled with people talking about what a nice guy Harrelson was when they met him.

First off, here’s the video. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins referred to the man ranting here about how he’d go out murdering people left and right if not for the police as a “Woody Harrelson character” as a joke, but a disturbingly high number of people thought he actually was Woody.

He does look disturbingly like Woody Harrelson, it isn’t. Grant O’Brien from Collegehumor made a post pointing this out and the replies became filled with people saying how awesome Woody was when they met him.

What a nice guy, right? PAs are low on the totem pole and most people (like certain daytime TV hosts) treat them like crap.

It’s like Woody Harrelson isn’t even a real person, just an internet meme about how we wish celebrities acted. Come to think of it, Good Guy Greg is smoking a joint, too.

It is really nice to know Woody is such a nice guy. I read through a lot of comments and not one person had anything bad to say about him that I saw. A lot of people smoked weed with him, though. Let’s all be more like Woody and less like Ellen.

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