Don’t Listen to Woody Harrelson, Your Mobile Phone Isn’t Giving You the Coronavirus


There’s a weird conspiracy theory going around that 5G mobile phone networks are causing the coronavirus. Or rather that they’re causing the symptoms and there is no coronavirus. This is lunacy and you would have to have your head wedged far up inside your ass to believe it.

So of course Woody Harrelson believes it.

Woody, honestly, man to man here? We love you, brother. You made us laugh in Cheers, you were the best returning guest star from that show on Frasier, you were great in Natural Born Killers, White Men Can’t Jump… is a movie. But you need to shut the f**k up about this one.

See, here’s the issue; people are freaking out about this coronavirus and misinformation like this is really dangerous. The Guardian reported that 20 cell phone towers in the UK were destroyed by conspiracy theorists. I have news for you, if there was a switch you could flip to turn off the coronavirus, they wouldn’t be letting the posh dipshit prime minister of Great Britain die in a hospital right now. Even if it is some awesome irony that his plan to just do nothing and let a bunch of people die so the stock market numbers didn’t go down too far is going to literally get Boris Johnson killed.

These kinds of conspiracies help no one. Coronaviruses are a class of viruses found in animals that are sometimes transmitted to humans. We’ve been expecting a particularly bad strain of coronavirus to cause a pandemic for a while now. SARS was also caused by a coronavirus. It’s not caused by cell phone towers, it’s not caused by being around Asian people and it wasn’t created as a bioweapon. Now wash your hands and stay inside.

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Herbert VPN Hoover
Herbert VPN Hoover
4 years ago

Flat earther also a nut