Jenny Craig Wants Kirstie Alley’s Fat Back

Kirstie Alley lost 75 pounds while she was the spokesperson for Jenny Craig back in 2008. After Jenny Craig dumped Kirstie, she said she was going to launch her own weight loss brand in the next two years but instead of that happening, she regained 25 pounds. Now, Jenny Craig says they would love to have this fatty back. A source tells The National Enquirer:

“They loved having Kirstie as their rep­resentative for three years because she lost 75 pounds by follow­ing their plan. Plus, she’s so much fun that everyone loves her!

“Kirstie eats when she’s un­der pressure, and that’s exactly what she was do­ing while trying to finish her memoir.

“She’s a classic binge eater and she can pack on the pounds faster than anyone. Kirstie is her own worst enemy — she knows she’s fat and she hates herself for it, but that just makes her eat more. It’s a vicious cycle.

“Jenny Craig wishes the best for all their clients, but they especial­ly want Kirstie to succeed. She’s the classic yo-yo dieter, and because she wrestles with her weight in public, everyone roots for her. Hopefully, she’ll figure it out before she faces serious health issues.”

I think a good weight loss program for Kirstie would be to tie a cookie on a stick while she’s running on the treadmill. Then when she passes out from exhaustion in about 5 minutes, you make her burn a few more calories by throwing the cookie a few feet away forcing her to crawl and get it.

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louie louie
louie louie
11 years ago

I thought she lost all her weight on DWTS and had kept it off. Has she porked back up?

ex employee
ex employee
11 years ago