Kristen Johnston Has Rare Form of Lupus

Kristen Johnston, famous for 3rd Rock From the Sun and now The Exes, revealed on Facebook that she has a rare form of Lupus called Lupus Myelitis. Apparently people have been making a commotion about an earlier post where she alluded to an autoimmune disease but never stated exactly what it was.

Oh for fucks sake. I’m not trying to be “coy,” “relevant” or “get attention”- I just was diagnosed 2 days ago with a rare form of Lupus called “Lupus Myelitis”–google it.
I’m not on my death bead…far from it.I’m gonna be fine.

I just wanted to have a few weeks of privacy to navigate it & receive treatment.

The only reason I said anything is because I won’t be in a few episodes.

I wonder how all those people leaving comments on gossip/entertainment/tv websites would feel in my shoes?

Earlier, Johnston wrote that she’d been having full body muscle weakness where it made it difficult just to walk and needed a neck brace to hold her head up. She explained that she filmed as much as The Exes as she could but had to miss two episodes.

She ended up spending “2 fun-filled weeks in November partying at The Mayo Clinic” where, after 4 months and 17 doctors later, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. The aforementioned Lupus Myelitis.

Yikes! But I need to get something off my chest. For the love of god and all that is holy, did you people not watch House? IT’S NOT LUPUS!

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7 years ago

” 4 months and 17 doctors later” Count your blessings you are not forced to rely upon Veteran’s Administration medical care. After a half-hearted attempt by one doctor who obviously held no interest in tending to me I was eventually told to receive mental counseling. Case closed. Okay, doc…. so all these symptoms that have completely altered how I interact with the world is all in my head.

Doc, I hope YOU suffer never-ending pain. If you had my symptoms I reaally doubt your medical coverage would treat you as you have me.


Anyway, good luck to you Kristen.

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