Being a Hasselhoff is fun

Last Friday, David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital after allegedly suffering a seizure at his home in Encino. Radar says he was drinking heavily and that he was 5150’d. They say the binge he was on caused the seizure. David was released Monday following two days in the hospital. People close to him now want to force him into rehab.

But wait. It gets better. David’s ex-wife, Pamela Bach, was arrested in Van Nuys last night for DUI. She blew a .13 and .14. She told TMZ,

“I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce (they divorced in 2007).”

This is Bach’s second DUI of the year. The first being in March where she pled no contest and was put on probation. But this is LA so there will be no real repercussions even though TMZ says a second DUI is supposed to get you mandatory jail time. Maybe TMZ isn’t explaining it right. In celebrity speak, “mandatory jail time” means they’ll give Pamela a new Ferrari from the impound lot and also give her a private 911 number to call for the next time she’s drunk. That way a cop will show up to chauffeur her home in his squad car so she won’t have to deal with the pesky media.

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