Hulk Hogan got fake attacked

Today is apparently “let’s see who has the fakest video of the day” because here’s another staged clip. This time of the Nature Boy Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan getting into it at an Australian press conference.

Out to promote “Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin”, Hulk and Ric traded insults before Ric punched Hulk in the head. Hogan hid his face for a second, probably to cut himself with a razor blade, before turning his blood-soaked head to cameras. A few media outlets are saying this was the real thing, but those media outlets are complete idiots. 40 years of wrestlers cutting themselves to bleed and people still don’t catch on. TMZ and this guy would get along real well. Once again, the telltale sign that this was fake: Hulk not vomiting when Ric talked about taking his girlfriend for a ride on Space Mountain.

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14 years ago

The media knows and the public probably knows. However Hulkamania probably paid the news media for the promotion, especially since only 30% of Australia has what you guys call Cable and would be largely unaware of wrestling and its history.

Of course its promotion to get people to turn up to events.