It’s all a conspiracy

Carrie Prejean finally copped to her sex tape and admitted to Sean Hannity that she made the solo film when she was a teenager for her boyfriend. Carrie calls it “the worst mistake of my life”. Her boyfriend calls it “fucking awesome”. Carrie goes on to explain that when she was young, she thought her boyfriend was the one and never in her life did she think it’d resurface again which shows you that she hasn’t gotten much smarter.

Later, Prejean went on Today and told them that the tape is part of a 7 month long campaign to silence her. She claims people are still out to “embarrass” and “humiliate” her all because of that answer she gave on the same-sex marriage question in the pageant.

When Viera asked why then did she drop her million dollar lawsuit, Carrie deflected and said she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Although, Carrie then said that she believed that the Free Masons were involved and that Looney Toons reruns were beaming hateful messages about her to children. Sadly, that was the was the most rational thing she said the whole interview.

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All she ever did for this trouble was answer a question honestly. TB, you can do better than be Paris Hilton Lite.

I guess I should look at your traffic and say “Extra Lite”.


Who says the tapes were leaked because of her comment? More than likely it’s because she’s “famous” and her ex is looking to make some quick cash off her. There’s no conspiracy.


I go after Malking because she lies. Same with Coulter. Palin is a parrot who, unfortunately, parrots lies. Prejean wasn’t dismissed for the answer for a question, it’s because she LIED about her REPEATED AND PORNOGRAPHIC BREACH OF CONTRACT.

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