The Pussycat Dolls are over

Brace yourselves. The Pussycat Dolls may be breaking up. None of the members are speaking to Nicole Sherzinger who they think stole the limelight and went off to do her own solo album. Interscope says it’s just a break.

“It is war. They have broken up for good. None of the other girls are speaking to Nicole, who they believe took the limelight, then went off to do her own thing.” Kimberly Wyatt recently revealed she hadn’t heard from Sherzinger, who’s now working on a solo career, in months.

This will no doubt send shock waves through the music industry. Where else will we find five mildly attractive women to dance proactively while dressed up in skanky outfits and lip sync to poppy studio manufactured songs? It’s not like you can just get these people off the street.

On that note, here’s Ashley Roberts in a bikini.

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