Balloon Boy’s parents are going to jail

Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi Heen, the two parents responsible for the Balloon Boy Hoax, were sentenced to 90 days and 20 days in jail, respectively, for wasting everybody’s time.

Heene was allowed to serve 60 of his 90 days on a work-release program in which he’ll be able to work his construction job in the day and go to jail at night. Heene will also be on a four year probation during which he can’t profit off of the Balloon Boy Hoax. Mayumi will serve her 20 days after Richard finishes his. Which is actually worse. The anticipation must be killing her. A judge will decide on a later date whether or not the Heenes have to repay the city $47,000 restitution.

A much more fitting punishment will be to tie Richard Heene to a bunch of balloons and float him over a volcano. That way nature gets to decide whether he lives or dies.

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