Elin Nordegren’s mother hospitalized, maybe

This morning, an unidentified woman fitting the description of Elin Nordegren’s mother was taken from Tiger Woods’ home. Conflicting reports say she refused treatment at first, but was then placed on life support. Other reports say it was only a life support unit that responded and that she was never actually placed on life support.

Either way, the woman was wheeled out of the home on a stretcher to the hospital. Although, others say that the woman came from the house next to Tiger’s. Regardless, a black Escalade with plates one digit off from the Escalade Tiger crashed last week showed up at the hospital minutes later making the case that it was Elin visiting her mother.

Nothing is definite and conflicting reports are coming in left and right. Everything is confusing and muddled right now. I imagine this is what it’s like to be senile.

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