Kourtney Kardashian gave brith

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her first child early Monday morning. Her publicist said, “Kourtney just delivered a healthy baby boy about an hour ago.”

Kourtney named the kid Mason Dash Disick. His middle being the same as the family’s store. She might as well named him Just Rhyme My Name With Dick and Kick My Ass Already, I Have To Go Home.

Kim noted that Kourtney didn’t even like kids before and it’s surprising that she wanted one now (coughratingscough) and Kim thinks she’ll be a great mom. This was followed by two full minutes of laughter. The only way Kourtney could be a good mother is if she hired a full-time nanny. The second she tries teaching this kid anything he’s going to be screwed up for life. He’ll probably have a Pavlovian response to work a stripper pole by the time he’s 3.

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