Charlie Sheen dropped by Hanes

Charlie Sheen has been dropped by Hanes all because of a little domestic violence. Ads for their Comfortsoft line of undershirts featuring Sheen and Michael Jordan were suspended on December 28. Spokesman Matthew Hall said, “Some were seen on the 25th, 26th, 27th as we could not reach the networks over the holiday weekend.”

Sheen’s contract ends in the middle of this year, although there were no other commercials planned.

“We do have a print ad in some trade publications using Mr. Sheen that are scheduled to run this spring,” Hall said. Because of publishing schedules, those ads could not be changed.

I’ve never seen the ad, but who buys undershirts because other dudes tell them it feels great against their nipples? That’s not something I think about when I’m deciding which 3 pack of white shirts to get. Now, if Sheen endorsed the product by saying it’s the only shirt he uses for choking out hookers, then we’ll talk.

In related news, Brooke Mueller is “eager” to get back with Sheen. According to PEOPLE: “Brooke and Charlie are not allowed to have any contact with each other at this point,” Mueller’s lawyer Yale Galanter, tells PEOPLE. “Brooke wants to get back with Charlie so we are anxious to meet in court.” Also in related news, Brooke Mueller is a dumbass.

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11 years ago

When your pitch man is singing :wait ti I get my Hanes around your neck, and choke you, you drunk fat, pig of a wife”, it is time to move on.,

11 years ago

I dunno, he could do advertisements for those undershirts with no sleeves… what are those called again?

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