Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson found dead

The celebrity death curse carries on into 2010. The first one this year is Tila Tequila’s fiancee, vibrator thief and Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson. Her body was discovered this morning in LA. Says TMZ:

We spoke with Tila a few minutes ago. She says they were fighting last week and that Casey stayed at Tila’s house on the 28th. Tila tried contacting Casey on the 29th because Casey had left her dogs behind. Tila says Casey’s phone has been shut off since the 29th and she was not able to make contact.

Casey last tweeted on December 29. The cause of death is as of yet undetermined. Please pay your respects by pouring a bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo onto the ground.

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14 years ago

I really dont know what is happening with all the celebrities, they really die very young, starting with Heath Ledger, and now the list continue, maybe there is a new virus, and they hide. Also i feel very sorry for Brittany Murphy, i never met those people, but they don’t deserve to die. I hope everyone that met them or not, or just like them to light a candle, because they were part f shwbizz, they put a color in our TV, or just a small gossip in the internet or newspaper. Rest in peace Casey Jhonson, Brittany Murphy, Heath… Read more »

14 years ago

Casey Johnson cannot be considered a celebrity death as she is not a celebrity. I had never heard of her until she died and the only reason she is known now is her association with with the living Bratz doll Tila Tequila…