Jon Cryer had a hit out on him

It’s a bad week for Two and a Half Men stars, but a good week for people who think Two and a Half Men sucks which is almost everyone. First Charlie Sheen goes back to rehab and now documents filed in the custody battle between Jon Cryer and his ex-wife Sarah Trigger purport Trigger’s ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez planned on killing Cryer and Trigger’s other ex-husband David Dickey.

When Dickey confronted Sanchez on January 10, Sanchez said it was Sarah’s plan to kill them and that she asked him on numerous occasions to do the deed. And if he wouldn’t, she asked if she could speak to his father about it.

Trigger’s attorney tells TMZ: “Sarah has not threatened anyone, especially Jon and those are statements that are refuted and she has evidence to show that Mr. Sanchez has already recanted those statements to her.”

Yikes! Murder is never good, but the silver lining is there’s a good chance Two and a Half Men won’t be back on the air due to security threats and minor setbacks. Then we could replace it with something a hundred times funnier. Like dogs barking or a guy passing a kidney stone.

[Images: INF]

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10 years ago

I actually think that 2 1/2 men is hilarious….

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