Taylor Swift won awards

Taylor Swift was one of the big winners at the Grammys yesterday. She took home four awards including Album of the Year for “Fearless”. She cradled all four golden gramophones in her arms afterward rubbing it in Lady Gaga (who only won two awards) and everyone’s faces. She did drop one, but that’s okay. Three more were ready to take its place like some Grammy award hydra. Oo, look at you, Ms. Fancy Pants with your endless supply of gold. What are you, a Leprechaun? Stop being so greedy.

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11 years ago

American Music Industry has taken a nose dive with Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year. Taylor Swift has a monotone voice, no character, and is tone deaf in comparison to real performers and artists. Throughout her performance her backup singers were trying to carry her through the song to no avail. You could see the discomfort of Stevie Nicks and musicians. I understand that the girl was wronged, but come on enough is enough.

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