Heidi Klum naked in Allure

Heidi Klum is 36 but it seems like she’s been around much longer than that. It almost feels like she should be 50 with the amount of time she’s spent as one of the greatest models ever. Which is why it’s confusing that she still looks so good. Tara Reid and Carmen Electra are around the same age but they look nothing like Heidi. If Heidi was a fresh cut bagel, those two would be a bagel that fell under the bed and molded over in the two months people spent ignoring them.

What I’m trying to say is: Tits! Specifically in the April 2010 issue of Allure. Heidi looks amazing. And in one picture she’s covered in whip cream or cream cheese. Not only will your penis be satisfied but so will your stomach. Images might be NSFW.

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13 years ago

Heidi is a beautiful woman and isn’t Seal lucky to have her in his life? I think it’s mutual with those 2.