Avril Lavigne got a matching tattoo

Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner are getting serious. That or they just don’t like thinking things through. I don’t blame them. Thinking is hard. Gatecrasher says Avril and Brody got matching lightning bolt tattoos at the opening of Mario Barth King Ink. Avril had it done on her forearm, Jenner behind his ear.

One source said, “They held hands openly and were kissing in a corner. Brody didn’t leave Avril’s side all night.” Last weekend, Brody also brought Avril home to meet his mother.

Avril’s ex-troll thing is reportedly happy for her as well. “He thinks Brody is a good guy and that it’s great the two of them are doing well.”

Whatever. Dereck is probably huddled in the corner of his cage right now crying into a bucket of cats (Ben & Jerry’s for trolls).

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14 years ago

I use to like her….