Gary Coleman is on life support

Yesterday it was reported Gary Coleman was hospitalized after falling. Now E! says he’s on life support with a brain hemorrhage. He might die.

“As of mid-morning on May 27, Mr. Coleman was conscious and lucid,” said Alcantar. “By early afternoon, Mr. Coleman was slipping in and out of consciousness and his condition worsened.

“We are saddened to announce that since mid-afternoon, Mountain Time, on May 27, 2010, Mr. Coleman has been unconscious and on life support.”

In a sad coda to his statement, Alcantar says that despite Coleman’s recent history of health problems and personal issues, “he always has had fond memories of being an entertainer and appreciates his fans for all their support over the years.

“At this critical moment, we can only ask for your thoughts and prayers for Gary to make a speedy and full recovery.”

That’s rough. Coleman’s life started out great when he starred in Different Strokes. Then everyone found out he had a growth condition. Then he lost all his money and became a security guard. Then his wife accused him of domestic violence. Now he has a brain hemorrhage from falling down. Coleman has the worst luck ever. They should keep him away from ropes and sharp objects because through a series of unfortunate events, he may wind up accidentally killing himself.

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14 years ago

Time to update this mess. HE”S DEAD!