James Franco has track marks?

Fame Pictutres has photos of James Franco at the Saturday Night premiere in New York on Sunday. They’ve circled his arm and suggest the highlighted marks are from needle use. Then they ask, feigning concern, “Is James Franco struggling with addiction?”

I don’t do drugs because McGruff the Crime Dog told me drugs are bad so I don’t know what track marks look like, but aren’t they supposed to resemble puncture wounds? These don’t look like that. They look like scratches. Some of them aren’t even near a vein. I think Fame’s real question should be, “Is James Franco stabbing himself with a needle filled with heroin in the dark?” and follow it up with, “Why doesn’t James Franco buy a light?” The answer, of course, is James can’t afford a light because he spent all his money on drugs! It’s a vicious cycle. Sort of.


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12 years ago

For those of you living under a rock, James is in the middle of filming and playing the role of Aron Ralsotn, the guy that cut off his own right arm after he got it stuck under a boulder while mountain climbing. Its called 127 hours and directed by Danny Boyle (um, Slumdog Millionaire, anyone?). These “marks” are bruises from filming.