Charlyne Yi Didn’t Want to Work With ‘Predator’ James Franco in ‘The Disaster Artist’

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It’s weird the way that we’ve sort of picked and chosen who gets to keep their career in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations and who has to go away forever despite the warnings that so many people were about to be banished based on unproven allegations.

For example, James Franco has had various allegations made against him, but texting a 17-year-old in a state where the age of consent is 17 and using your acting school like an offline version of Tinder didn’t really bother people all that much.

Well, aside from Charlyne Yi, who had a minor role in The Disaster Artist with Franco and wanted to quit because she didn’t want to work with Franco, who she called a “predator.”

I honestly can’t blame the producers of the film for siding with James Franco over Charlyne Yi. Franco is a box-office draw and he won a Golden Globe for The Disaster Artist, while Charlyne Yi was a guest star on 30 Rock.

James Franco’s behavior hasn’t always been great, but it’s clear most people don’t consider him a sexual predator the way Yi does and that it hasn’t affected his career. Unless some things we haven’t heard about yet come out about James Franco, Charlyne Yi is going to be pretty lonely in this effort.

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