Kissing James Franco Means Sucking in Stank Breath Says Co-Star

Zoey Deutch is an underrated actress whom you should get to know better. You may know her from the movie Why Him? starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston. In that film, she had the unfortunate pleasure of kissing James Franco.

In a not-so-surprising revelation, Franco is a bad kisser.

When asked by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about Franco’s kissing prowess, the actress responded with “meh” and a shoulder shrug.

Cohen: “Really, not great?”

Deutch: “No”

Cohen: “Not memorable?”

Deutch: “Yeah! Very.”

Cohen: “How was the breath?”

Deutch: “Actually not good.”

I’m sure Franco, one of the most sensitive and image conscious people in Hollywood, will take this news very well.

Poor Franco, it’s been a rough year for him. He went into hiding after being accused of sexual assault and now we’re learning that even his consensual kisses aren’t all that great.

Dave Franco was always better anyway.

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