James Franco’s Bad Week Keeps Getting Worse

Vanity Fair released their “Hollywood Portfolio” issue this week. It’s always one of the most anticipated Vanity Fair issues. Don’t ask me why.

The headline this year is “12 Extraordinary Stars, One Momentous Year.”

James Franco was supposed to be one of the “12 Extraordinary Stars,” but was removed from the photo shoot due to the sexual harassment allegations against him. Since the photo shoot is done separately, all Vanity Fair had to do was not include him in the final Photoshop. You know, instead of re-shooting the entire thing and getting the 12 stars back together again.

The other stars are Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hanks, Michael B. Jordan, Zendaya, Jessica Chastain, Claire Foy, Michael Shannon, Harrison Ford, Gal Gadot, VF editor-in-chief Graydon Carter and Robert De Niro. I know that’s 13 stars, which means Franco would have been 14. But Vanity Fair doesn’t count their retiring editor-in-chief as a star and I assume that the headline would have read “13 Extraordinary Stars, One Momentous Year” had Franco been included.

Franco did the photo shoot and interview, but it will remain on Vanity Fair‘s cutting room floor for the time being.

I’m not exactly sure why Franco made it in the first place. He played Tommy Wiseau, which is like the easiest role ever. He was good in the role, but Dave Franco was the real star of The Disaster Artist.

James Franco has been messed up and hasn’t slept since the allegations came to light following his Golden Globes victory.

I’m sure being removed from the Vanity Fair cover won’t help his current mental state.

Can’t wait for Tommy Wiseau to play James Franco in the movie about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Oh yeah, they gave Oprah three hands and Reese Witherspoon three legs.

No wonder the editor-in-chief is stepping down.

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