Naomi Campbell is too good for stairs

Unless Naomi Campbell can float around the event like a celestial being, don’t even think about having her promote her own perfume. Campbell, who’s being sued by Moodform for backing out of their 12-year-old perfume deal, once refused to do a televised awards show because she had to walk up some steps.

In an affidavit, Campbell’s former agent Carole White said Campbell backed out of a televised awards show in Australia after finding out the elevator had broken and she’d have to walk up two flights of steps. “Her failure to show was not only embarrassing, but caused friction with [the] Wella [perfume] people in Australia,” White said of the 2000 event.

In Naomi Campbell’s defense, walking is hard and takes years to master. That’s why only the most talented walkers become supermodels. Walking also takes a toll on the body. Much like football players after years in the game, professional walkers’ bodies just aren’t the same. This is probably what Naomi whines about to her gardener when they make idle chitchat. I imagine Naomi does this while sitting in a wheelchair wearing a sunhat and sipping on lemonade while she watches her migrant worker slave away in 95 degree heat.

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