Shannon Price is convincing

TMZ interviewed Shannon Price after Gary Coleman’s death. Shannon basically started the video off defending herself. No one thought Shannon pushed Gary Coleman but now that she mentions it… Shannon’s argument was that she was upstairs and asked why she would push her own husband. For the sake of argument, she was alone with Gary in the house. This is just her word against whoever she’s talking about. Also, at the time, Shannon was not married to Gary so Gary wasn’t her husband.

Regarding pulling the plug on Gary only after one day in the hospital, Shannon argued that doctors told her Gary would have bled out during surgery and died anyway. She then continued that if doctors took a chunk out of his brain, Gary would be like Muhammad Ali and would have died eventually. Shannon then said Gary’s heart would eventually gave out. After that, she compared Gary’s situation to Terry Schiavo’s. Um. So which one is it? Would Gary have bled out, ended up like Muhammad Ali or have had heart problems? Shannon basically gave us three or four scenarios with each one ending in death. Looks like this clever girl has covered all her bases.

In part two of the interview, Shannon said she and Gary always loved to go to Vegas. Yet, later she says she’s poor and can’t pay for his funeral and asks people to help bury Gary.

This chick sounds psycho. She trips over herself a bunch of times. Gary’s death most likely was an accident but this video isn’t helping. I could have fresh blood on my hands from stabbing someone and still be holding the knife and I’d give a more convincing and empathetic interview than this.

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