Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are now judges

On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she wouldn’t be returning as a judge to American Idol. No one really cared because the only thing Ellen was good for was agreeing with what Simon or Randy said but phrasing her critique in a different way so it would sound like her own idea. Whenever she was asked to give her opinion first, you could see her floundering before coming up with either an obvious comment or a wishy-washy analysis.

Kara DioGuardi was also fired because she was useless and no one liked her even though she was the most attractive one there. Sources say the official reason is that AI wants to go back to the three-judge format. Which would make sense if they kept the original judges. But they didn’t. So read into that as you will.

Reports today say Ellen and Kara have been replaced by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Oh, good. So this show will be even less entertaining. What’s the over/under that Jennifer will somehow always include a little fact about herself in each of her critiques and Steven will look lost every time he’s called on. Next season of AI will just be an infomercial for Lopez’s life and people confusing Steven for a 70-year-old lady.


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