Oksana Grigorieva shows off her bruised face

Since Radar hasn’t milked the Mel Gibson story long enough, the newest media to debut on the site is a photo of a bruised Oksana Grigorieva from when Mel allegedly punched her in the head twice. The photos were taken the morning after the incident and shows bruising around Oksana’s left eye extending to her forehead.

Mel denies hitting Oksana and his lawyers have told cops she tried to extort him.

But these new photos provide Oksana with more powerful evidence against the man she dated for three years, especially when coupled with text messages and audio tapes, as revealed on In addition, Oksana, 40, also has a strong affidavit from her dentist about the extent of her injuries. And, as reported exclusively, Oksana was diagnosed with a concussion after visiting Dr. Arthur Gordon, who could now be a powerful witness for her.

Mel is screwed. There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that he’s an unstable woman beater. There’s not much he can do now to save his image apart from maybe faking his death and coming back as his twin brother, Kel, who has a mustache and wears glasses.


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9 years ago

he’s only screwed if they are REAL I dunno if I believe anything this woman says.

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