Christina Hendricks’ breasts model for London Fog

Christina Hendricks is the new face of London Fog. She’ll star in the label’s fall 2010 ad campaign. Christina says about the brand,

“London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties into Mad Men, we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together,” the Emmy-nominated actress says of the outerwear label. “The trench is such an iconic shape for men and women. It works for anyone – it worked in the 1960s and it works now.”

Chief marketing officer, Dari Marder, said it was Christina’s timeless glamour and sophistication that led them to choose her. “Christina has a modern appeal but also harks back to a bygone era,” explained Dari. He then cupped his hands in front of his chest like he was holding two large breasts and bounced them up and down before making a dismissive wanking motion.

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10 years ago

Ewww She has ugly hammer toe feet!!! Gross.

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