Fantasia Barrino overdosed

Fantasia Barrino, whom I’m assured is someone famous, was taken to a hospital last night for a “medication overdose.” No word on if the overdose was intentional or accidental but the timing makes it seem intentional as, recently, she was accused of making a sex tape with a married man causing the breakup of his marriage.

The claims were made by Paula Cook who filed for divorce from her husband Antwaun. Court documents alleged he had a “cover adulterous affair” with Fantasia and they “recorded their illicit activity.” Fantasia’s lawyer claimed Cook sensationalized the story so it would be picked up by tabloids and help her case.

Okay. I still don’t know who Fantasia is but one of her photos is of her singing. Is that what she is? A singer? Let me guess. She was on American Idol, wasn’t she? Note to the media, unless they’re hot and have a good chance of releasing a sex tape, being a contestant on that god awful show doesn’t make someone famous. Regardless of whether or not they were nominated for eight Grammys. My dog could be nominated for a Grammy.

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