Bouncy bouncy!

Don’t worry, 10 posts about Lindsay Lohan will be up in a bit, but first thing is first. Katy Perry on SNL’s most entertaining sketch to date. Not because it was funny or clever, but because of the insane amount of bouncing cleavage.

Katy showed up on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live over the weekend guesting in a sketch poking fun at the Sesame Street breast controversy. She played Maureen DiChico, a teenage library volunteer with new found big tits who reads books to kids. Perry wore a really tight Elmo shirt and bounced up and down, up and down, up and down throughout the sketch.

Holy crap! My erection shot up so fast that it flipped my table 360 degrees in the air. I’m pretty sure if someone was standing in front of my crotch, they would have died from “spear-like” wounds.

In other news, Katy Perry will be on an episode of The Simpsons in December. Hopefully adding much needed bounce to the show.

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