Bruno Mars was arrested for cocaine possession

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars (real name: Peter Hernandez), who did the current no. 3 Billboard Hot 100  hit ‘Just the Way You Are’, was arrested early Sunday morning in a bathroom at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. He was performing Saturday at the Hard Rock’s Wasted Space nightclub.

Bruno was caught because he spent a long time in the bathroom stall prompting an attendant to alert hotel security. When he left, security came up to him and asked him to hand over any drugs he had. Mars gave them a baggie of coke and told the cop that he had never used drugs before. The cop rolled his eyes at him but was surprised Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton didn’t follow behind him.

It’s Bruno Mars’ own damn fault for being caught. He should know people get suspicious when they hear you violently sniff the air in a bathroom stall for 5 minutes. At the very least they’ll think you’re a big perverted weirdo.

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