Frankie Muniz has $40m in the bank

After a guy criticized Frankie Muniz’s acting on Twitter, Frankie revealed that he knows and he’s fine with it because he retired at 19 with $40 million in the bank. He also wished the guy luck moving out of his mom’s house before 35. Burn! I think? Maybe the guy really loves his mom.

@frankiemuniz ur acting is just, awful. sorry but, it is.

@iHeartMtnDEW Yea, but being retired with $40,000,000.00 at 19 has not been awful. Good luck moving out of your moms house before youre 35.

Muniz was on 7 seasons of the syndicated Malcolm in the Middle. He also had a few movies. Those coupled with a few wise investments makes this somewhat believable. In either case, that phone Frankie hears ringing is Lindsay Lohan calling for his accountant. Lindsay wants to know why investing in coke, alcohol and rehab hasn’t worked for her like it has Frankie. That’s how people invest their money, right?

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13 years ago

He must be living like a pauper because he had a house on the market or a couple of years and he was selling the race cars he owned.