Mel Gibson is angry, confused

Mel Gibson was cut from The Hangover sequel and replaced by Liam Neeson after cast members started whining about working with him. He was to play a Bangkok tattoo artist as part of his rehabilitation tour a la Mike Tyson.

Sources say Mel is frustrated that Mike Tyson, a convicted drug abuser and rapist, was given a second chance while Mel, a creative yeller, was not.

One possible reason may be that Mike Tyson spent a few years at the lowest point in his life and The Hangover was just an unknown comedy in need of stunt casting at the time but Mel’s tantrums are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Asking a girl to blow you first and threatening to bury her in your rose garden is the new putting a bullet in someone’s head and threatening to eat their children.

I can’t wait for Zach Galifianakis to play his voicemails of Mel yelling at him while doing promos for The Hangover 2. Although I can’t imagine Mel asking Zach to blow him. Unless he also demands Zach shaves first. But when Mel makes fun of Zach for his stupid looking tits, it’ll hurt more than when he said it to Oksana. “It’s glandular!,” Zach will cry to himself.

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11 years ago

I think we should all hold judgment to find out what is held in Oksana’s computer. We know Mel is a lunatic, and that he goes off on a drop of a hat, but I completely believe that Oksana set him up, and his rage just added fuel to the fire.

Mel needs some counseling, and should be accountable for his tirades, but nothing else. That is again,until her computer is searched inside and out. I have a feeling, people will finally see that Oksana’s act, was just that, an act!!!

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