Oksana Grigorieva awarded an extra $15,000 a month

Mel Gibson’s ex with the stupid fake tits scored an extra $15,000 a month in child support. The judge in her child custody case increased her monthly stipend to $20,000 a month. Oksana’s lawyers originally wanted $60,000 a month.

This may sound like a lot for an 11-month-old baby but don’t you worry, not all of the money is going towards that dumb kids medical costs, food, clothing and gas. Sources say a lot of it is going towards the $100,000 debt Oksana racked up in legal fees, PR costs, etc that she used to destroy Mel’s reputation. Thank god she doesn’t have to pay for that herself. Oh and not to mention round-the-clock security for her 11-month-old. You know, in case an assassin tries to take baby Lucia out like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not only that, but simply put, they, meaning Oksana, became accustomed to the Mel Gibson’s lifestyle. Although if that were true, Mel would get to stand over Oksana yelling about her dumb, fake bladder tits and for her to “suck my cock and say you’re sorry. In that order.”

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13 years ago

She is highly paid for a worthless cunt.